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Data Fields
crypt_params_integrity Struct Reference

#include <libcryptsetup.h>

Data Fields

uint64_t journal_size
unsigned int journal_watermark
unsigned int journal_commit_time
uint32_t interleave_sectors
uint32_t tag_size
uint32_t sector_size
uint32_t buffer_sectors
const char * integrity
uint32_t integrity_key_size
const char * journal_integrity
const char * journal_integrity_key
uint32_t journal_integrity_key_size
const char * journal_crypt
const char * journal_crypt_key
uint32_t journal_crypt_key_size

Detailed Description

Structure used as parameter for dm-integrity device type.

See also
crypt_format, crypt_load
In bitmap tracking mode, the journal is implicitly disabled. As an ugly workaround for compatibility, journal_watermark is overloaded to mean 512-bytes sectors-per-bit and journal_commit_time means bitmap flush time. All other journal parameters are not applied in the bitmap mode.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_sectors

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::buffer_sectors

number of sectors in one buffer

◆ integrity

const char* crypt_params_integrity::integrity

integrity algorithm, NULL for LUKS2

◆ integrity_key_size

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::integrity_key_size

integrity key size in bytes, info only, 0 for LUKS2

◆ interleave_sectors

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::interleave_sectors

number of interleave sectors (power of two)

◆ journal_commit_time

unsigned int crypt_params_integrity::journal_commit_time

journal commit time (or bitmap flush time) in ms

◆ journal_crypt

const char* crypt_params_integrity::journal_crypt

journal encryption algorithm

◆ journal_crypt_key

const char* crypt_params_integrity::journal_crypt_key

journal crypt key, only for crypt_load

◆ journal_crypt_key_size

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::journal_crypt_key_size

journal crypt key size in bytes, only for crypt_load

◆ journal_integrity

const char* crypt_params_integrity::journal_integrity

journal integrity algorithm

◆ journal_integrity_key

const char* crypt_params_integrity::journal_integrity_key

journal integrity key, only for crypt_load

◆ journal_integrity_key_size

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::journal_integrity_key_size

journal integrity key size in bytes, only for crypt_load

◆ journal_size

uint64_t crypt_params_integrity::journal_size

size of journal in bytes

◆ journal_watermark

unsigned int crypt_params_integrity::journal_watermark

journal flush watermark in percents; in bitmap mode sectors-per-bit

◆ sector_size

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::sector_size

sector size in bytes

◆ tag_size

uint32_t crypt_params_integrity::tag_size

tag size per-sector in bytes

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