cryptsetup API
Public cryptsetup API
Data Fields
crypt_params_reencrypt Struct Reference

#include <libcryptsetup.h>

Data Fields

crypt_reencrypt_mode_info mode
crypt_reencrypt_direction_info direction
const char * resilience
const char * hash
uint64_t data_shift
uint64_t max_hotzone_size
uint64_t device_size
const struct crypt_params_luks2luks2
uint32_t flags

Detailed Description

LUKS2 reencryption options.

Field Documentation

◆ data_shift

uint64_t crypt_params_reencrypt::data_shift

Used in "shift" mode, must be non-zero, immutable after first init.

◆ device_size

uint64_t crypt_params_reencrypt::device_size

Reencrypt only initial part of the data device.

◆ direction

crypt_reencrypt_direction_info crypt_params_reencrypt::direction

Reencryption direction, immutable after first init.

◆ flags

uint32_t crypt_params_reencrypt::flags

Reencryption flags.

◆ hash

const char* crypt_params_reencrypt::hash

Used hash for "checksum" resilience type, ignored otherwise.

◆ luks2

const struct crypt_params_luks2* crypt_params_reencrypt::luks2

LUKS2 parameters for the final reencryption volume.

◆ max_hotzone_size

uint64_t crypt_params_reencrypt::max_hotzone_size

Exact hotzone size for "none" mode. Maximum hotzone size for "checksum" and "journal" modes.

◆ mode

crypt_reencrypt_mode_info crypt_params_reencrypt::mode

Reencryption mode, immutable after first init.

◆ resilience

const char* crypt_params_reencrypt::resilience

Resilience mode: "none", "checksum", "journal" or "shift" (only "shift" is immutable after init)

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