cryptsetup API
Public cryptsetup API
Data Fields
crypt_params_verity Struct Reference

#include <libcryptsetup.h>

Data Fields

const char * hash_name
const char * data_device
const char * hash_device
const char * fec_device
const char * salt
uint32_t salt_size
uint32_t hash_type
uint32_t data_block_size
uint32_t hash_block_size
uint64_t data_size
uint64_t hash_area_offset
uint64_t fec_area_offset
uint32_t fec_roots
uint32_t flags

Detailed Description

Structure used as parameter for dm-verity device type.

See also
crypt_format, crypt_load

Field Documentation

◆ data_block_size

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::data_block_size

data block size (in bytes)

◆ data_device

const char* crypt_params_verity::data_device


◆ data_size

uint64_t crypt_params_verity::data_size

data area size (in data blocks)

◆ fec_area_offset

uint64_t crypt_params_verity::fec_area_offset

FEC/header offset (in bytes)

◆ fec_device

const char* crypt_params_verity::fec_device

fec_device (output only)

◆ fec_roots

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::fec_roots

Reed-Solomon FEC roots

◆ flags

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::flags


◆ hash_area_offset

uint64_t crypt_params_verity::hash_area_offset

hash/header offset (in bytes)

◆ hash_block_size

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::hash_block_size

hash block size (in bytes)

◆ hash_device

const char* crypt_params_verity::hash_device

hash_device (output only)

◆ hash_name

const char* crypt_params_verity::hash_name

hash function

◆ hash_type

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::hash_type

in-kernel hashing type

◆ salt

const char* crypt_params_verity::salt


◆ salt_size

uint32_t crypt_params_verity::salt_size

salt size (in bytes)

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