cryptsetup API
Public cryptsetup API
Data Fields
crypt_pbkdf_type Struct Reference

#include <libcryptsetup.h>

Data Fields

const char * type
const char * hash
uint32_t time_ms
uint32_t iterations
uint32_t max_memory_kb
uint32_t parallel_threads
uint32_t flags

Detailed Description

PBKDF parameters.

Field Documentation

◆ flags

uint32_t crypt_pbkdf_type::flags


◆ hash

const char* crypt_pbkdf_type::hash

Hash algorithm

◆ iterations

uint32_t crypt_pbkdf_type::iterations

Iterations, 0 or benchmarked value.

◆ max_memory_kb

uint32_t crypt_pbkdf_type::max_memory_kb

Requested or benchmarked memory cost [kilobytes]

◆ parallel_threads

uint32_t crypt_pbkdf_type::parallel_threads

Requested parallel cost [threads]

◆ time_ms

uint32_t crypt_pbkdf_type::time_ms

Requested time cost [milliseconds]

◆ type

const char* crypt_pbkdf_type::type

PBKDF algorithm

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