cryptsetup API
Public cryptsetup API
Data Fields
crypt_token_handler Struct Reference

#include <libcryptsetup.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
crypt_token_open_func open
crypt_token_buffer_free_func buffer_free
crypt_token_validate_func validate
crypt_token_dump_func dump

Detailed Description

Token handler

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_free

crypt_token_buffer_free_func crypt_token_handler::buffer_free

token handler buffer_free function (optional)

◆ dump

crypt_token_dump_func crypt_token_handler::dump

token handler dump function (optional)

◆ name

const char* crypt_token_handler::name

token handler name

◆ open

crypt_token_open_func crypt_token_handler::open

token handler open function

◆ validate

crypt_token_validate_func crypt_token_handler::validate

token handler validate function (optional)

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